Our Purpose

As a company we exist to help the pharmaceutical industry make safe and effective healthcare products available worldwide by providing superior quality pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs services.

Who We Are

Insuvia is designed to act as a pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs unit for pharmaceutical companies in those countries and regions, where they have no internal structures or decide to focus their resources on commercial activities. In this context, we provide the regional and country-level expertise to solve all pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs challenges that pharmaceutical companies encounter while commercializing their products.


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Donatas Grina

Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for leading the company towards achieving its long-term vision and strategic objectives. His background includes degrees in Pharmacy and Economics, as well as over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical outsourcing industry.

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Martynas Juzenas

Chief Operation Officer

Provides leadership to our operational teams and is actively involved in customer relations. He holds a master’s degree in pharmacy and has over 10 years of experience in Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs services.

More reasons to choose us

We set ourselves apart from other service providers through exceptional international local presence, unified governance model, and commercially-integrated approach.

Local Presence and Expertise

We specialize in local service provision and country-level outsourcing of pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs. As part of this differentiation, we have built a local presence that is second to none. Throughout the years of deep involvement in pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs operations, we have gathered highly professional and passionate staff in each country of our presence. 

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service, delivered by bestin-class local experts with intimate knowledge of local regulations and best practices. 

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Unified Governance Model

We believe that the management of country-level activities on a global scale requires a structured and strategic service delivery approach. To address this, we have implemented a unified governance model consolidating country-level activities into a seamless regional system

This model facilitates country-level pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs processes by applying the same governance standards for each process, each country and each involved individual. As a result, we deliver our customers with a consistent service, unified outputs, and a single interface for project oversight and compliance monitoring region-wide. 

Customer-Centric Approach

Our team’s approach to service is built around a commercially-minded organization culture, which is characterized not only by the ability to support the technical aspects of pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs, but also by understanding that the commercial success of our customers is closely tied with our services.

We communicate and work closely with the customers and their affiliates to understand their business needs and expectations on all levels, so that we could align our operations and set priorities aiming towards the goals of our customers.

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