We help pharmaceutical companies meet pharmacovigilance (PV) obligations by establishing and maintaining state-of-the-art PV systems adapted to the needs of Marketing Authorization Holders. We offer global, regional and/or local pharmacovigilance solutions blended into a seamless product safety management system under our unified governance model.

Insuvia can act as your full-service safety department, as well as address more specialized needs with any individual pharmacovigilance solutions that we offer:

  • EudraVigilance & xEVMPD (Article 57) obligations 
  • Signal Detection & Assessment 
  • Risk Management
  • Safety Writing (PSUR, DSUR, RMPs, Safety Management Plans) 
  • Clinical Safety and SUSAR handling 
  • Post-Authorization Safety Studies (PASS) 

Our Pharmacovigilance services :

Pharmacovigilance services to solve key challenges encountered throughout the journey of product development and commercialization. 
Global pharmacovigilance system, including all pharmacovigilance processes and activities to assure compliance and patient safety.
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Country-level pharmacovigilance systems and local QPPVs to assure safety compliance in individual countries.
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Full safety management solution for products undergoing clinical trials. We support all aspects of clinical pharmacovigilance.
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