Local & Global Literature Screening

We provide weekly literature screening services for the pharmaceutical companies as part of the pharmacovigilance surveillance process. Our experts continiously review and assess identified publications and maintain inspection-ready documentation.

We provide local literature screening services in EU & UK, CIS, MENA. Our local service covers most comprehensive journal lists that satisfy any GVP inspectors expectations. It includes electronic journals, local databases, as well as paper journal issues that require local subscriptions. The service is performed on country-level. Our local PV experts master the local language and have timely local access to the relevant publications.

In addition, we monitor global databases (PubMed, Embase), as well as oversee active substances included in the European Medicines Agency (EMA)’s Medical Literature Monitoring (MLM) list.

Services Offered:

Local (Non-Indexed) literature screening on country-level in EU & UK, CIS, MENA

Retrospective local literature review (as part of CAPA or Quality Check)

Global (Indexed) literature screening in PubMed / Medline and Embase

Ad-hoc global & local literature searches for Signal Detection and PSURs / PBRERs

Weekly EudraVigilance (MLM) checks using the ICSR Export module

Countries covered
Local ICSRs processing timeline compliance
Of local journal issues are reviewed by a second person

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